Chinese Circles

Welcome to Chinese Circles, a set of novels about China and Hong Kong.

This website is designed to help you find information about the novels, and where you can discover more about the places and characters featured in them.

I’ve chosen the past century to explore China and Hong Kong’s remarkable history which includes WWII in the Far East, triads, taipans and much more.

As explained in my Author page a relative fought and was decorated during the Opium Wars in 1842. It was these wars which created the International Settlement in Shanghai and the colony of Hong Kong in which my novels are set a century later.

I was also inspired by 10 years living in Hong Kong. As an expat surrounded by six million Chinese, the smells, noise, typhoons, squalor, wealth and a kaleidoscope of events and incidents gave me a rich source of ideas.

The Shanghai Circle covers the build up of the Chinese war with the Japanese during 1936 and 1937 and The Hong Kong Circle sees the action move to the colony through the WWII years and up until 1949 as Mao becomes leader of China. Eventually I hope to bring the descendants of the characters in the first novel back to the Shanghai of today, which once again has taken its place among the most dynamic and exciting cities in the world. Just as it was in 1936.

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