Acknowledgements – The Mao Circle

I have read a number of books, fiction and non-fiction, while researching for my latest novel. Some of those which particularly helped me are To The Edge of the Sky by Anhua Gao, Fragrant Harbour by John Lanchester, Borrowed Place, Borrowed Time by Richard Hughes, Hungry Ghosts by Jasper Becker and Wild Swans by Jung Chang.

A new site I discovered after writing The Mao Circle is Facts and Details compiled by Jeff Hays (I wish I had discovered this site earlier as it would have saved some research time). The Gwulo site remains my favourite for information on the history of Hong Kong, while a site I now subscribe to in order to keep in touch with Hong Kong today, and also its history, is Thanks to Archive Farms which has a huge store of historical films and have granted me permission to use some old films of Hong Kong, and Michael Rogge’s films of old Hong Kong add to understanding what the colony looked like in the past.

My thanks as usual to Autocrit which continues to point out my multitude of basic writing errors, Ian Jackson my editor, cover designer Bradley Wind, and web designers cannedSunlight.

Also thanks to my lovely wife, Jo, who puts up with me hiding away for days, and is always the first reader (and constructive critic), and daughter, Diana, about to become a published author, for encouraging, (often telling) me I can write better. Thanks also to my band of friends who encourage me to keep writing – Jack, Martin A, Martin C, Simon, Geoff, Gloria, Bev etc.

I am now wondering about writing whether to write the last in the series, A Circle Has No End, to bring the descendants of my original characters in The Shanghai Circle back to Shanghai 80 years later, a city now again one of the most exciting in the world.

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