Acknowledgements – The Shanghai Circle

It is one of my daughters, Diana, to whom I owe the most thanks. A copywriter by profession, and a skilled wordsmith, who throughout has helped and encouraged me to develop my writing. In 2015 she signed a two book deal with an international publisher. a richly deserved recognition of her first novel.

In my research of Shanghai I learnt much about this city, the people who lived there, and the events that occurred, from Stella Dong’s – Shanghai – The Rise and Fall of a Decadent City, which has given me the opportunity to add both facts and colour to a fascinating city in exciting times.

This was the book that gave me the most insight of Shanghai, but other books assisted, and I would particularly like to mention –  Empire Made Me by Robert Bickers, Windows on Shanghai by Sophia Knight, Policing Shanghai and The Shanghai Badlands by Frederic Wakeman Jr. , Triad Societies in Hong Kong by W P Morgan, and of course the master storyteller, JG Ballard, who wrote Empire of the Sun.

I was lucky to find a fantastic editing software which soon demonstrated my many writing faults so my gratitude to AutoCrit. A brilliant cover design by Bradley Wind – Thanks Bradley. Also many thanks to a store of wonderful photos of Shanghai, by Virtual Shanghai.

Thanks also to Nicki and Paul at cannedSunlight in Calpe, Spain who knocked my web site into shape.

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