Photos and Stories – The Shanghai Circle

To give you some idea of the buildings, people and events that I describe in The Shanghai Circle, I have available some descriptions, backed by photographs, of the real life in Shanghai and Hong Kong in the 1930’s.

I have incorporated some actual facts into my novel and hopefully these photos bring realism to my story

The Bund and Cathay Hotel which feature in many places throughout my novel. For example Davina lunched at the Cathay while Irina was seduced there by the leader of the triads.

Child Labour, Beggars and Coolies who are a sad but actual backdrop of what Shanghai was like as described in my novel.

Typhoon in Hong Kong 1937 was an actual event where 11,000 people died and also has a dramatic effect on my story,

Accidental Bombing of Shanghai on 14th August 1937 another dreadful actual happening when Chinese planes mistakenly dropped bombs on the city they were defending. This killed one of the characters in my novel.

Invasion by Japanese shows the panic as the Japanese enter the city.

My thanks to the wonderful site Virtual Shanghai, whose thousands of old photos have helped me add realism to this site.

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