Fact and Fiction – The Shanghai Circle

For those interested in the history of the period all the main characters in this book are fictitious, but are weaved into actual historical events and life at that time to create this novel.

Chiang Kai-shek and Mao Zedong were key players in China in the period, although Mao and his communists did not enter the city until 1949.

The Green Gang triad organisation existed, but the incidents as portrayed in this novel, are fictitious.

The Jews and Russians were also major players in Shanghai and here you can find some information about these groups.

Shanghai fell to the Japanese invasion on 9th October 1937. This led to the end of the International Settlement and the French Concession agreements, which had allowed foreigners to operate in Shanghai as an independent treaty port on the Chinese mainland for almost a hundred years.

More of the true historical aspects of my novel The Shanghai Circle are explained in the photos page of this site, where the buildings, people and some of these incidents, are explored.

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